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XLarge Berghia


The ultimate in eliminating Aiptasia problems.


XLarge Berghia, 1" or larger, are best used for small nano tanks or where you are planning on purchasing less than 4 Berghia. The XLarge Berghia can eat a small/small-medium Aiptasia by themselves, whereas, it requires "a pack" of medium or small Berghia to eat the same Aiptasia. Therefore, by using the XLarge Berghia it will help mitigate the lack of quantities of Berghia in smaller tanks. Another great use of Larges is when you have an SPS tank and your corals are in immediate danger of RTN (Rapid Tissue Necrosis) from the Aiptasia and you need eradication to happen in the shortest timeframe.

There is a Very, Very limited supply of the XLarge Berghia which is one of the reasons why we recommend the Medium Berghia (Click Here) that lay eggs frequently and are available in greater quantities. XLarge Berghia are at least 1" in length.

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