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Small Berghia

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Juveniles that range from 1/4" to just under 1/2" in length.

Medium Berghia: Reeftown recommends Medium Berghia (1/2" to 3/4" in length) are laying eggs every 1-3 days and quickly give you a base colony to successfully have a huge Berghia population to eradicate nuisance Aiptasia anemones.
Small Berghia (less than 1/2" in length) will not lay eggs and reproduce until they mature. This will prolong the time necessary for success and expose you to the risk of loosing a Berghia before they have a chance to lay their eggs.

We offer Small Berghia (young adult, less than 1/2" in length) to offset the cost of Medium Berghia or Large Berghia. If someone were to purchase a mix of Medium Berghia (the 1/2"+ young adult breeders) with Small Berghia (the 1/4"+ juveniles) then you could accomplish a happy medium between costs and time of complete Aiptasia elimination.
We also offer Large Berghia 3/4"+ (Click Here) for those looking for the ultimate in eliminating Aiptasia problems.

Note: All tanks have some sort of predators to Berghia or their eggs, but you should know that Berghia reproduce fast and in most cases they will overcome the obstacles of predators. Many of our clients have had success even though they had the worst predator present (peppermint shrimp).

Be sure to read Estimating Your Berghia Needs, the Berghia Acclimation Guide and Shipping Information before placing your order.



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