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Small Berghia


Juveniles that range from 1/4" to just under 1/2" in length.

Medium Berghia: Reeftown recommends Medium Berghia (1/2" to 3/4" in length) are laying eggs every 1-3 days and quickly give you a base colony to successfully have a huge Berghia population to eradicate nuisance Aiptasia anemones.
Small Berghia (less than 1/2" in length) will not lay eggs and reproduce until they mature. This will prolong the time necessary for success and expose you to the risk of loosing a Berghia before they have a chance to lay their eggs.

We NEVER recommend you purchase only Small Berghia. They are 4-8 weeks younger than the medium Berghia, their eggs are not quite viable yet and they present several additional obstacles that may prevent success. 1) Smalls are much more sensitive to lack of food and cannot live without food for as long as Mediums or Larges. Further, since the babies are responsible for your success, without breeding you cannot reach that point. 2) Small Berghia are more susceptible to predation 3) Since Small Berghia are 4-8 weeks younger than the Mediums and if everything goes great, it will take about a month or two longer for your success eradicating Aiptasia (at the detriment of your corals). 4) An analogy would be if you threw a bunch of lion cubs in a herd on elk and said "Go Eat"....They can't knock them down, they need the adults to do that.

Small Berghia are recommended as “reinforcements”. In other words, assume you have a 100 gal aquarium and order 10 medium Berghia. But your corals are being attacked aggressively and you wish to speed up the eradication of them without breaking the bank. This is when you would order small Berghia as extra reinforcements as they will be mediums in 4-8 weeks.

Berghia, as a whole, are colonial and NEED each other to Hunt, Feed and Breed. When Berghia locate an aiptasia, it cannot eat it by itself, unless the aiptasia is very small. It must be tiny in order for a Small Berghia to be able to eat it alone, small in order for a medium Berghia to eat it alone, and small medium size in order for a Large Berghia to eat it on it's own. The Berghia will take a bite of the Aiptasia and circle the aiptasia; laying down a mucus scent of damaged aiptasia, in order to attract other Berghia in the area to help it consume the Anemone. If there are too few Berghia in the aquarium chances are they will not find that aiptasia to help him eat it. (We recommend a Minimum of 1 medium Berghia per 10 gal of tank volume, gauged on a 120g tank...The smaller the tank, you need more Berghia per gallon....Larger tanks don't need quite as many per gallon because they have a good base colony..So the line is a little skewed.. But NEVER less than 3 for any size tank. This balances a minimum cost with an average of 2-4 month Aiptasia eradication). The Berghia attack the Aiptasia like a “pack of wolves”. Once the Berghia finish their feast, they all breed together. If no Berghia comes over they don’t get a meal, the Aiptasia lives on and the Berghia don’t get to Breed. This can be devastating because without a meal the Berghia will not last very long

Remember, with the high cost of shipping don’t waste this order by ordering too small or too few and run the risk of not having success. Just get rid of those pests and enjoy your reef. Email us immediately if you wish to adjust your order. Else, they will ship, as ordered on the next shipping day
We also offer Large Berghia 3/4"+ (Click Here) for those looking for the ultimate in eliminating Aiptasia problems.

Note: All tanks have some sort of predators to Berghia or their eggs, but you should know that Berghia reproduce fast and in most cases they will overcome the obstacles of predators. Many of our clients have had success even though they had the worst predator present (peppermint shrimp).

Be sure to read Estimating Your Berghia Needs, the Berghia Acclimation Guide and Shipping Information before placing your order.



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