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Berghia Nudibranchs

The best natural defense against Aiptasia is Berghia (Berghia Nudibranchs), as their sole diet is Aiptasia anemones. Berghia are non-toxic to corals and fish and are considered to be completely reef safe.

Reeftown recommends at least 1 Berghia per 10 gallons, but NEVER less than 3 Medium Berghia. Berghia need each other to Hunt, Feed & Breed. If you're not sure, it's best to overestimate rather than underestimate. Read more about selecting the right number of Berghia for your aquarium on our Estimating Needs page.

Reeftown recommends the Medium Berghia (Click Here) that lay eggs frequently and are available in greater quantities.


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To Order Select your Berghia size below.

Product Image Item Name- Price
1 FREE MEDIUM BERGHIA with orders of 5 or more Medium or La

1 FREE MEDIUM BERGHIA with orders of 5 or more Medium or La

This is a FREE GIFT to our Customers.

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Max: 1
Large Berghia

Large Berghia

The ultimate in eliminating Aiptasia problems. "WHY BUY LARGE BERGHIA?" Large...
$24.99  $19.99
Save: 20% off

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Medium Berghia

Medium Berghia

Mature egglaying adults that range from 1/2" to just under 3/4" in length. This is...
$16.99  $12.74
Save: 25% off

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Small Berghia

Small Berghia

Juveniles that range from 1/4" to just under 1/2" in length. Medium Berghia:...
$10.49  $9.44
Save: 10% off

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XXLarge Berghia

XXLarge Berghia

The ultimate in eliminating Aiptasia problems. "WHY BUY XXLARGE BERGHIA?" XXLarge...

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